The fundamentals of the Secimep

The SECIMEP was founded in 1999 and registered by the Paris Prefecture on 24/11/1999 under nr 19474.

The SECIMEP is a Professional Organization under the law of 1884 which gathers importers and sales agents whose activities are described in the Bylaws.

Since its creation, the SECIMEP based its development on values such as ethical behaviour as well as the respect of applicable regulations and product conformity.

By signing the present document, any company joining the SECIMEP commits to respect and uphold the following principles in the practice of its professional activities:

Respect of regulations

The signatory subscriber commits to respect the current laws and rules applicable in his sector and to make every effort to ensure that the products sold through its channels comply with French regulations.

For this purpose and in order to be properly informed, the signatory subscriber can use  the services of FICIME to which the SECIMEP is affiliated.

Respect of fair competition

The signatory subscriber commits to respect:

  • Provisions relating to competition law
  • Principles of loyalty and integrity within its relation with other members of the SECIMEP, in particular to have a behaviour without any bashing or spreading of misinformation as well as any unfair practices.

Respect of operating principles of professional organisations

In the relations with the SECIMEP, the member commits to:

  • respect the Bylaws of the organization.
  • Refrain from  engaging in any individual actions regarding public or private bodies if this could lead to obstructing the actions of the organization.
  • accept to provide accurate information to the SECIMEP necessary to provide a good knowledge of the sector including statistic data. It is reminded that any information belonging to each member is treated with all confidentiality by the statistics department of FICME. Only consolidated statistics are communicated to the members.
  • defend the reputation and the influence of the members activities
  • actively participate, as much as possible and to provide expertise and feedback in working groups, meetings, commissions or General Assembly organized by the SECIMEP in order to define and conduct common actions, to promote better knowledge and understanding of the sector.