FICIME stands by its members

Your trade association is affiliated to FICIME, a federation set up in 1909 to bring together the international players on the French market
for consumer durables and capital equipment in mechanics and electronics.

Ficime: 4 Main Axes


Enable you to gain influence
Benefit from our economic influence and institutional partner network providing greater legitimacy
to your lobbying before various bodies


Enable you to benefit from one-of-a-kind shared experience
The legal, tax, environment, customs, technical, and labor committees enable you to benefit from
the advice of jurists and other experts in your decision making.


Keep things simple thanks to training and information
Information Notes: Brief summarized information early on, so you can anticipate.
Newsletter: A document to be sure you haven’t missed any regulatory or legislative changes
in the last 2 weeks.
Training: Adapted to the specificities of your business.


Enable you to save time
The Technical, Health and Safety Department: applicable standards, compliance, CHSCT.
A team of jurists specialized in business law: distribution, competition, taxation and customs.


A team of jurists specialized in labor law: collective bargaining agreements,
payroll and professional training, committed to responding to your questions
within 24 hours.
A dedicated environment Department ROHS, WEEE, Reach.

A dedicated, lean but quality structure – consistent with our commitment to effectiveness and reactivity.