About Us

The SECIMEP – Syndicat des Entreprises de Commerce International de Matériels d’Emballage, Process, Marquage, et Contrôle – today gathers approx. 50 members representing famous brands in our industries: Food, Non Food or Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic industries.

All together their turnover exceeds 700 million euros with more than 180 trademarks sold on national and international territories.

These companies are active in the processing and packaging markets: primary, secondary to casepacking and palletization. They also propose equipment for printing, marking, traceability or all types of control equipment.

Our mission

  • Federate a profession: all suppliers of equipment for processing, packaging, controlling, traceability or marking in France or outside France.
  • Inform the members in order to adapt to legal changes.
  • Collect market statistics in order to measure the market.
  • Promote the members and their product range through our web site.
  • Propose dedicated training sessions for management or engineers to provide comprehensive information regarding security and productivity matters.
  • Gather the expertise on following subjects: social rights and collective agreement, fiscal and juridical rights, technical regulations including hygiene and security rules, statistics, environment or international trade.
  • Defend the interests of the members at trade fairs and in front of the professional press.

The SECIMEP is affiliated to FICIME the ‘Fédération des entreprises internationales de la mécanique et de l’électronique’. Its members therefore have the privilege to receive the daily support of the direct services provided by FICIME which enables them to gain time in order to devote most of their energy to their customers.